A little about us

A little about our history and our focus on development

Company profile and a little history

For Jesper Ravnsgaard Jensen, it was a boyhood dream that came true in 1977, when he founded his company. The then only 24-year-old machinist had already set up a small workshop at his parents' home in 1974, but when he registered for VAT in 1977, the adventure began in earnest.​

In the beginning, the tasks consisted of producing and maintaining sawmill machines and moulds. Soon, however, the physical framework became too cramped, so in 1978 Jesper Ravnsgaard built a combined workshop and home on Teglvænget. The work tasks now also included elements for stoves, service work and special tasks for several factories.

​When the combined heat and power plant was built in 1980, Jesper Ravnsgaard came into contact with some of the large construction companies - with whom he still works, by the way. And in this way, the way was paved for solid cooperation with the power plant sector and refineries in all the Nordic countries.

In 1984, there was again too little space to frolic, so the neighboring plot was acquired and expanded by 900m2. This expansion lasted until 1998, when a new administration building, drawing room and canteen were built.

In 1997, the first CNC machines for turning, milling and cutting were acquired, and in 2001 the company added a crane truck for transporting and assembling the products to the machine park. ​In the past years, Jesper Ravnsgaard has not only furthered his education; the company has fostered many talented apprentices - including a Danish master.​

In 2022, Ravnsgaard Smede- og Maskinværksted continues to grow, the company has begun a generational change and future-proofing, and Christian Reventlow has taken over as new Owner Manager. Christian has a background as an engineer, and has worked for several large Danish industrial companies, the past 14 years for Vestas. Jesper Ravnsgaard will continue to contribute to the development of Ravnsgaard Blacksmith and Machine Workshop and will also continue as part of the day-to-day management in the coming years.

In April 2023, Ravnsgaard acquired Smede- og Maskinværksted KSM Group A/S with a large machine factory in Randers and large forging production in Poland.

Today it is therefore all gathered under the name; Ravnsgaard Metal.


A good number of the employees are also our own blacksmith apprentices, but the staff today also includes, in addition to skilled blacksmiths, industrial technicians, engineers and administrative staff.

​But if the company's own staff cannot work, a handful of close collaboration partners can be drawn on. In the anniversary year 2002, part of the major tasks for the company was pipe and construction work at Herning Værket. In these years, the plant is converted from gas firing to wood chip firing.

​Ravnsgaard Metal has over the years had an incredible number of exciting and diverse work tasks.​

For example, we can mention:
Pipe work for silencers, constructions for the concrete industry, new construction and maintenance of concrete works. They have developed a series of completely unique silencer cassettes in AISI 316 for Masnedø Værket and AISI 910, 900 meters of straw transport pipe from fan to boiler, designed, calculated and installed for Studstrup Værket. Another type of task has been the development and production of telescopic belts for the transport sector. In 1988, Ravnsgaard developed the very special telescopic conveyor belt RM 1300, which is a paving conveyor for ready-mixed concrete. They have also constructed cement silos for the construction sector with a capacity of 5000 t.

A company in constant development

What the future holds is of course difficult to predict, but one thing is certain – there are plenty of work tasks!

There are always things to be serviced, subcontracted work to be done. The management at Ravnsgaard Metal is constantly aware of new product and service opportunities, just as they can easily imagine that both the Development and Construction Department and the Machine Workshop will be expanded in the years to come.

But in order for the company to develop, it is important to constantly maintain a good workplace with skilled employees, a good working climate and exciting areas of responsibility and tasks.

Ravnsgaard Metal today covers a very wide area within the iron trade, and the many diverse customer tasks have meant that the company can today count several companies on the reference list. Among others: Aalborg Portland, Ørsted, Vestas, Troldtekt, Runi, Skanska, Elsam/Tech-Wise, FLS Miljø, Tarco, ABB, Lind Maskiner, Valdemar Birns Jernstøberi, JAI and a host of loyal local companies.​​

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