3D Målecenter

For measuring plastic or metal objects with a measuring range of up to 4 x 3 x 2 m

Measurement on the Wenzel 3D measuring machine

Large and small subjects place increased demands on a good data basis, and with our "State of the Art" measuring center we ensure a precise and secure basis.

KSM Group offers geometric measurement on the Wenzel 3D measuring machine, with high precision down to 1/1000 mm accuracy. The measurements are made via a scanning head in a temperature-controlled laboratory that has been built and equipped for the purpose.

Our 3D measurement center ensures a very thorough documentation of subjects where it is desired, and this also contributes to our own high quality standard.


Geometric measurements are primarily used to determine the actual dimensions of components and products in relation to specified requirements from 3D drawings and tolerances, but the 3D measurements also serve the purpose of ensuring the increasing requirements for the traceability of the items in connection with quality assurance and documentation. Based on KSM Group's competencies in metalworking, reverse engineering is also offered in the form of data or processing.

KSM Group carries out everything from simple to advanced surveys, e.g. for companies engaged in:

  • Offshore, wind and process industry
  • High tech
  • Service and maintenance
  • Spare parts and tools
  • Fixtures and moulds
  • Modules and finished products
  • Control centres, technological institutes and research centres


3D measurement laboratory scans items in a measurement range up to 4 × 3 × 2 m with a measurement accuracy of 5.0 μm + (L/300.0 mm) μm

  • Always staffed by specialists
  • Measures any shape, curve and curvature
  • Specially furnished building designed for measuring technology, including vibration-free foundations
  • Safe and ultra accurate output

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