At Ravnsgaard Metal, we have a goal that our quality system must ensure consistent and error-free products and services that must meet the specified customer requirements every time.

A quality goal - with a clear objective. This means that we have a clear objective regarding important points such as delivery security, which we believe means a lot to all parties.

To support this, we have a quality system that obliges us to continuously ensure our processes and workflows are continuously improved and optimized.

With the help of our quality work, we can provide our customers and business partners with professional service, where sparring, care, reliability and credibility are among the key words.

At Ravnsgaard Metal, we work on the basis of a common value called propriety.


  • We want to attract and retain customers
  • We want long-term relationships with customers and business partners
  • High delivery reliability
  • Customer satisfaction – ongoing satisfaction surveys are carried out
  • Continuously strengthen and develop our processes and workflows
  • To live up to the expectations of customers and business partners
  • All our work processes are characterized by a very high level of quality
  • Fair and good complaint handling


    Detailed file/drawing for us (files such as Step file, DWG, PDF or similar format).